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  • Dude duffel exclusive duffel bag
  • 1 packet of The World’s Hottest Corn Chips from Chilli Seed Bank infused with their own triple pressed, A-grade Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Bhut Jolokia puree, and finished with a dusting of Carolina Reaper powder to deliver explosive heat!
  • 1 bottle of Chilli Seed Bank Ghost Pepper Sauce a super thick, super hot sauce and is one of the hottest non-extract sauces out there, with more than 10 Bhut Jolokia peppers (aka Ghost Peppers) in every bottle
  • 1 bottle of Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Chilli Seed Bank's BBQ Habanero Corn Chips, the baby brother of the The World’s Hottest Corn Chips for when you need to switch to something a little lighter
  • 2 Hot Sauce Traveller keyrings
  • 1 packet of Wrigleys Big Red Hot Cinnamon Chewing Gum
  • 1 packet of Quick-Eze ... just in case
  • 1 roll of Dude duffel toilet paper ... for a Hot Dude emergency ...

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