Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time it was almost impossible to find that perfect gift for a man that wasn't just going to be opened and shoved to the back of a draw, never to be seen again.

It was either something he didn't want, or it was a use it once and forget it kinda gift.

What he really wants is something awesome, something he'll use time and time again. Something that makes him look cool, and you proud!

He wants a Dude duffel

When he gets a Dude duffel, he doesn't just get the COOLEST BAG EVER, he gets it full of really awesome dude stuff that he'll actually use.

Isn't it time he had something better?

Yes he leaves his dirty clothes all over the floor, yes he stands with the fridge door open complaining there's nothing to eat, yes the smells that come out of him could rival the local farm.

We can't fix all miracles, but do you really need to let him out of the house carrying that scruffy shopping bag with his things in it?

Do you really want him carrying this around in public?